“The ocean is freedom” - Free Surfer, Cass Collier

Our two part series entitled ‘Free Surfers’ starts by taking us back in time with Big Wave World champion and three-time Western Province surfing champion, Cass Collier. In a three-minute narration of his eventful childhood, he reveals how his father overcome the racial disparities of the Apartheid laws, and introduced his family to some of South Africa’s most beautiful beaches.


This is a story of how Cass found freedom, a story of how he was raised on the waves and how riding them gave him his purpose and the true meaning of being free. He recalls how his family where often detained by the police and how his father, Ahmed Collier was in constant fights for trespassing ‘white only’ beaches.


Now as one of the most renowned surfing coaches in the world, Cass enjoys teaching people how to surf, and ultimately how to reconnect with themselves through the ocean. He says, “There’s no greater feeling of freedom than the ocean….When you take on something with passion, you don’t consider the risks.” 


This is a story of freedom, a story of nature’s beauty, it’s healing powers, and how we should all embrace it.

“The ocean is freedom” - Free Surfer, Cass Collier
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