The Seaweed Chef

Roushanna Gray spent time in the restaurant industry but struggled to find her niche until she discovered the delicious resources of the ocean.

It all starts with a hobby, that grows and leads you onto a whole new path. A world where you never expected yourself to be – where a hobby becomes a passion. Like many South Africans, Roushanna Gray started off working in the retail industry and later found herself within the restaurant industry in South Africa – where she struggled to find her niche. Despite this, everything changed when she discovered a whole new world of edible plant ingredients waiting to be found and made into delightful, wholesome meals. Without any knowledge of the plant world, her journey started over a decade ago, when she visited her husband’s family farm and nursery. Here, she had her first up-close experience with nature which inspired a burning desire to learn more. Her interest grew more when she met a Japanese Cyclist – who spent 99 days on the farm – and he exposed her to a new realm – where he taught her about new kinds of foods and food smells. Roushanna describes her journey as one that never ends, because there’s always something new to learn and discover. Ten years later, Roushanna fulfilled her goal. Today, she creates meals with all-natural ingredients, and rare undiscovered plants. Roushanna is a part of our YouTube series, about eight brave pioneers who broke free from the repetitiveness of routine to pursue a more meaningful life away from the usual.

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