The Lime Ritual

The Lime Ritual - Corona Beer South Africa
The Lime Ritual - Corona Beer South Africa
The Lime Ritual

Paradise is best served with lime.

No Corona is complete without a wedge of lime. Naturally adding character, flavour and refreshment, the lime ritual is an integral part of delivering and experience that is truly unique to Corona

The Lime Ritual: Three steps for the perfect experience
Step 1: Select
Step 1
Picking the perfect Lime is the only way to start. Look for limes that are brightly pigmented and green.
Step 2: Slice
Step 2: Slice - Corona Beer South Africa
Slice the lime in half, then slice each half into fourths, to give you eight perfect lime wedges.
Step 3: Serve
Step 3: Serve - Corona Beer South Africa
Add the lime quarter into the top of the Corona bottle. The lime should sit perfectly within the neck of the bottle. Ready for you to splash in and enjoy!
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